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Historical Overview: 2000 to Present

(Continued from the 1969-1999 period.)

6. 2000 to 2010 Challenge To Retain The Small Town Character That Is Wenonah:
2000 - 5.857 acres of land was acquired from Mr. and Mrs. Parker at South Marion Avenue on 1/13/2000, containing many historical sites. 0.95 acres of land on West Cedar Street was acquired from Mrs. Trescott/Gott on 1/13/2000, which was named "The Glen" and contained many historical treasures that were developed for the public to see. New and unique trails were developed on these lands and connected to existing trails. 11/22/2000 the Kummer/Meserve properties on Elm Street (0.14 acres) were acquired for access to Synnott's Pond. 

2001 - A pocket sized trail map with interesting historical facts and locations was developed by Bob Bevilacqua. Chuck Forsman initiated the restoration of the collapsed historical Japanese Tea House on the North end of Comey's Lake. A new Dam, funded by a State Grant, was installed at Wenonah Lake in the Spring of 2001. Bob & Dan Bevilacqua donated time & material to restore "The Glen" Stone Dam on West Cedar Avenue.

2002 - The Japanese Tea House on Comey's Lake was completely restored by John Schad in May, within the one-year goal and within the $5,000.00 budget of donations for materials. 2.54 acres were acquired from Mr. and Mrs. Mullens on West Cedar Ave. 0.77 acres were acquired from Mr. and Mrs. James Haney on North Jefferson Ave. These acquisitions completed and connected the "Ring of Green" around the perimeter of Wenonah. From 1990 to 2002 almost 13 acres of conservation lands valued at $331,900.00 were acquired by Federal Tax Deductions or through the Stewart Estate Trust at essentially no cost to Wenonah. All the existing and newly acquired conservation lands were merged and preserved forever by a council ordinance. Over 300 trees and plants were placed in the conservation lands.

2003 - A Canoe/Kayak launching area at the Bridge on Mantua Creek was completed. A state grant of $25,000.00 was awarded to Wenonah for a Trail Head Parking Area at Wenonah Lake initiated by Bob Bevilacqua. An additional 300 trees and plants were placed in the conservation areas. Wildlife continued to thrive with the addition of an Otter sighting at Wenonah Lake. 

2004 - Synnott's Pond restoration at Elm St. and Glassboro Rd. moved forward. A Wetlands Delineation and survey was completed. Bill Schramm did a concept plan. The NJDEP applications for dredging, silt traps and stream stabilization from Synnott's Pond to Mantua Avenue were completed 6/6/04 by Dave Kreck. This resulted in the awarding of a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to perform some of the restoration work.  Senior Trail Master Frank Eggert, who has developed and maintained trails for 39 years, accurately measured the Wenonah Trails at 5.9 miles. Trail Master Bob Bevilacqua installed his 4th Stone Bench along trails/ponds. A new Environmental Commission website was developed and is regularly updated by commission member Scott Barnes.

The water quality in the streams, ponds and lakes of Wenonah is in very good condition. Fish species are thriving and there is an abundance of birds and wildlife throughout our "Ring of Green". The trails and historic sites within the extensive conservation areas are a treasure that's just a short distance away from any home in Wenonah. The goal of the Wenonah Environmental Commission has been to restore as much of the conservation areas as possible back to what had existed in 1911.


Acknowledgements: Some data derived from the archives of Milton H. Webb and Mayor Jack Sheppard, Sr. by C.R.Forsman