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The Environmental Commission has conducted a comprehensive review of all land uses in the Borough of Wenonah back to 1871. The entire land area of Wenonah Is 639 acres (27,834,840 sq. ft.) or approximately 1 sq. mi.(0.998 sq. mi)  For zoning and planning purposes sections of Wenonah are identified as follows:

CONSERVATION AREAS: A calculation was made of all the current Conservation areas, connecting Wetlands, Streams, Ponds and Lakes which amounted to 134.6416 acres (21.0706%). Included in this calculation is the Wenonah Swimming Lake 5.0309 acres (0.7873%) listed as a Park. All these lands are linked together and reserved for perpetuity by ordinance as Conservation Areas.

TWO SPORTS RECREATION AREAS: Hayes Ave. 2.066 acres & Cedar Ave. 3.375 acres amount to 5.441 acres (0.8185%) and border on the Conservation areas. These tracts are reserved as Sports Recreation Areas.

POOL RECREATION AREA: It is located on 8.9360 acres (1.3984%) within woodlands.

FORMAL PARK: The central Formal Wenonah Park is located on 3.099 acres (0.4849%). The original covenants conveying this tract to the borough forbid development of this site for perpetuity.

RESIDENTIAL AREAS: They are Single Family 326.04 acres (51%) and Multi Family 8.96 acres (1.393%). (Note. The shade trees in this area along each street cover 14.77 acres).

STREETS,& PARKING AREAS: They amount to 109.1 acres (17.0735%).

INSTITUTIONAL AREAS: School, Library, Churches, Train Station, etc. They are comprised of 11.89 acres (1.8529%). This includes the 1.29 acres of land acquired 12/2000 from the railway for the new Municipal building & parking areas.

AGRICULTURAL AREAS: The Greenhouse area amounts to 2 acres (0.3129%).

COMMERCIAL AREAS: They are comprised of 5.5 acres (1.1737%).

TRAIN RIGHT OF WAY: This amounts to 9.669 acres (1.5131%).

WENONAH UTILITY AREAS: Public works, Wells, Water Tower, etc. Total 4 acres (0.6259%).

VACANT LAND AREAS: They are comprised of 9.7835 acres (1.5310%). This is based on all the existing deeded lots and lots that could be considered for conservation areas or subdivided for additional dwellings. This includes the 2.82 acres of the LMR Overlay Area for COAH.

SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS: The entire Conservation area of 134.6416 acres is 21.0706% of the landmass of 639 acres. The Formal Park 3.099 acres and the two Sports Recreation Areas 5.441 acres, combined with the Conservation 134.6416 acres, gives Wenonah a total of 143.1816 acres or 22.41% of land that will forever remain as public areas. The Wenonah Environmental Commission has recently accurately measured 5.9 miles of existing trails throughout the "Ring of Green" Conservation Area.