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Wenonah Trail System

The WEC maintains over six miles of hiking trails in the borough, including 40 bridges.  This page is only a summary description of our system.  For the best view, we urge you to get our pocket-sized "Wenonah Trail Guide" which costs just $3.  You can get a copy in one of three ways:

  1. Stop in at Town Hall on South West Avenue opposite the Post Office.
  2. Contact any WEC member.
  3. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope and check for $3 payable to "Friends of Wenonah Trails" to:
            Bob Bevilacqua
            301 Mohawk Drive
            Wenonah, NJ 08090

REMEMBER: All trails are designed for foot traffic only!  The surfaces, curves, widths, and overhead clearances cannot accommodate wheeled vehicles safely.  In addition, motorized vehicles are illegal on the trails and throughout the Conservation Lands.  If you witness motorized vehicle activity on the trails, please notify the police immediately.

Look for the Trail Markers

(click thumbnail for larger picture)

These wooden posts are located at major entry points and junctions throughout the trail system.

Summary Map

This map shows only the major trails; access trails are not shown.

Trails West of Railroad

  1. Wenonah Lake Loop
  2. Break Back Run Trail
  3. Mantua Creek Trail
  4. Glen Trail


Trails East of Railroad

  1. Wenonah School Trail
  2. Mantua Creek Trail
  3. Garden Trail
  4. Monongahela Brook Trail
  5. Monongahela Brook Loop
  6. Eldridge Loop
  7. Comey's Lake Loop
If you're curious about lengths of particular trails, see our Trail Inventory documents.     

What's New Since the 2000 Trail Guide

A few trails have been created or renamed since the prior printing of the Guide.  Specifically:

  1. Wenonah Lake Trail is now a loop trail around the entire lake.
  2. Wenonah School Trail, Dilk's Pond Trail, and Synnott's Pond Trail have been created.
  3. The South Clinton Street Extension is now called the Garden Trail.
  4. The Mantua Creek Trail extends continuously from Mantua Avenue southeasterly to the railroad trestle, and then northward to a junction point near the Bog Walk.
  5. The Glen Trail extends only from 100 West Cedar Street to the intersection with the Mantua Creek Trail.
  6. The Monongahela Brook Trail extends from the Bog Walk eastward to Woodbury-Glassboro Road, overlapping parts of the Eldridge Loop and Monongahela Brook Loop.